Whiskey Society of VA

Whiskey Society of VA logo





Pungo Red Ale Illustration

Pungo Red Ale Illustration

Read more about this project.


Men of Mash


Super-secret homebrew club t-shirt.  Shhhh….



Hampton Roads Tattooed Professionals


Hampton Roads Beard and Stache Society

HR Beard and Stache Society logo

Hampton Roads Beard and Stache Society is a club for facial hair enthusiasts.  You can find more information on their monthly social meetings on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/HRBeardStacheSociety.

The Creator Tshirt

The Creator Shirt Mockup

This is a shirt I designed for my nephew.  He was dubbed “The Creator” by his coach after a big win.  His coach noticed his ability to create big plays for his team on the field, so me and the family had a little fun with it.

Fence Lizards Apparel

Fence Lizards Shirt

The Fence Lizards of Pickett, WI are a minor league baseball team dreamt up by the fun-loving dudes at Phoulballz.com.  They do a great podcast about minor league baseball – covering all of the Philadelphia Phillies affiliates.  I created a logo for their fictional team and we thought it would be a good idea to make some t-shirts too.  All we need now is a shortstop, pitcher, first baseman….

GEICO Motorcycle

GEICO Motorcycle Shirt

This is a t-shirt I designed for GEICO Motorcycle.  GEICO took these shirts out to the 72nd Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota in 2012.  GEICO was fun to work with and they have some really creative people working in their marketing department.  If you’re ever at a large event, motorcycle or otherwise, look for the GEICO RV and say hello to Erik!

GEICO shirt