Pungo Red Ale

Pungo Red Ale Illustration

I had the opportunity to create the artwork for Pungo Red Ale, the latest offering from Two Fathers Beer Company.  The artwork will be featured on bottles and tap handles in the Fall of 2014.  If you’ve visited Pungo, VA, you should be able to recall the red barn and accompanying stop light featured in the art.  I had lots of fun creating this illustration, which their graphics guy turned into a full-fledged label – equipped with all the legal mumbo jumbo that has to be included on a bottle of beer.

Two Fathers Beer - Pungo Red Ale label

Pungo Red Ale label featuring my illustration.

Two Fathers Beer Company was a blast to work with – the most fun was probably sharing pints during the brainstorm sessions.  I look forward to working with them again soon!

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