Sketching on the iPad

My wife and I drove down to Savannah, GA for Thanksgiving.  It was a long drive, but necessary if we wanted to bring our dogs.  My sister lives in Savannah and my parents live near Augusta.  A couple of my cousins drove up from FL and couple of them flew down from NJ.  It was a chance for a nice family vacation and Savannah was the perfect spot!

A bunch of the guys played golf a couple of days and we went on a few bike rides.  We had 4 dogs and 11 people in the house, so there was never a dull moment.

The drive is about 8 or 9 hours and there isn’t a whole lot to see – unless you count Hertford, NC, home of baseball Hall of Famer Jim ‘Catfiish’ Hunter and ‘South of the Border,’ which is about 6 hours into the trip.

On the way back to Virginia Beach on Monday – squeezed into the back seat with two dogs – I started to play around with a sketchbook app on the iPad called Sketchbook Express.  Since my brother is only awake for about an hour of any roadtrip, he was sleeping for most of the trip.  He was sitting in the front seat sleeping and made for a good subject to sketch.  Below is my sketch, neon green glasses and all.  Notice the mustache he’s growing for Movember.

Sketching in Sketchbook Express is pretty easy. It works similar to photoshop, in that you have layers you can stack and different brushes you can manipulate.  The slider for color is a little different, but was easy to get used to.  From what I can tell, the lite version of the app limits how many layers you can have active.  And when you’re done – sketches are easily exported to your photo stream, posted to Facebook or Twitter, or saved in the app for further editing.  All in all, it was a lot of fun – and easy to use.

I can definitely see myself using this app again – especially for sketching at a baseball game or on the beach.



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